My name is Lynx Samson and I am 17 years old. I was born in the Philippines but raised in Singapore. In this little red dot, I discovered my passion.

I came to live and study in Singapore with my lovely family in the year 2009. In my primary school, Opera Estate , I was in the Floorball Girls Team. I was a part of this amazing sport for 2 years until the team was removed due to the lack of female players.
I then joined the Athletics team for half a year and was also involved in Taekwondo for about 1 and a half year.

I have been jumping from sport to sport until I came to know about Sports Climbing which sparked a burning interest in me. I am competitive by nature therefore I enjoyed the challenge that was posed to me during our training.

Sports Climbing is the only sport that I have been committed to for almost 4 years now. Despite joining Cross Country and Karate in my finally year in my Secondary School, Springfield, Sports Climbing is the sport that I constantly go back to.

Thus, I am convinced that I have found my passion in Sports Climbing after participating in 5 different types of sports over my 7 years of stay in Singapore.