Rock Climbing for Kids

Rock Climbing has many benefits and these can be categorised into three main areas; Physical, Mental and Social.

Physically you will be able to achieve lean and strong muscles at the core, forearms, shoulders and back.  You will also be able to develop your finger strength as you grip the climbing holds.

Rock Climbing is one of the best full body workouts as both boys and girls can play this amazing sport.  It strengthens your entire body, hands, biceps, shoulders, neck, triceps, upper back, lower back, abs, gluteus, thighs and calves.

Mentally you will perform decision making, visualisation, problem solving, goal setting, planning and concentration.  You will develop determination, self confidence, experience stress relief, get a sense of achievement, improve spatial awareness and motor skills.  The abilities gained in Rock Climbing are applicable to all areas of life.

Socially you will have a sense of belonging to a community, networking, friendship, communication, listening skills, trust, leadership skills, healthy relationships and character will be developed. The different roles in climbing will allow you to develop various skills.  Each climber gets the chance to be the student and teacher in the climbing community.